[nSLUG] IBM notebook and F11 restore feature

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Thu Apr 15 13:41:40 ADT 2004

On Thu, 15 Apr 2004, Bill Davidson wrote:

> Where is the image that you are pushing coming from?  It seems to me that if 
> ghost or g4u preserves the info, but your method loses it, then it is 
> possible that the image is the problem.

Hi, thanks for the response...

In my recent tests, the gold master is sent up to the server
over udpcast, and after that, I boot up the gold master
and test that F11 works fine on the master.  When I later
receive the image on the same notebook from udpcast, this
is when I find F11 is busted.

> What is different in the partition table after you use PM to unhide/rehide 
> the partition?  You can use "cfdisk -P r" to see the raw data in the 
> partition table.

That's something I'll try.  I'm also going to use a tomsrtbt
floppy to boot a USB floppy and cmp the disks to see how many
differences exist.

A working theory is that the Dell notebook acting as the server
has a flaw in its driver.  On Xandros the Broadcom 7502 ethernet
is known as bcm7500 module, while on Knoppix, it is known as tg3.

I just happened to see the 2.4.26 change log today and
there are bunches of tigon3 fixes that seem to be related to
this same ethernet device.  Googling on the names of these
modules shows an email from David Miller where he is upset
with Broadcom's driver - but perhaps this is what Xandros is using.


Some interesting leads anyway...

--Donald Teed

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