[nSLUG] List back and functional for now

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Thu Apr 8 16:46:43 ADT 2004


The nslug mailing list is now back and is functional, at least for now. 
Enigma, the box on which the list is hosted, inexplicably went down late in
the afternoon on March 16, and remained down for nearly three weeks until
someone on site brought it up again for us on April 5.

We were hesitant to announce the availbility of the system for a few days
after it came up because we were unable to determine what brought it down,
and needed some time to consider our options for future maintenance of the
system.  Even now, we make this announcement with some hesitation, as we
have not been able to solve any of the core problems that contributed to the
last extended outage.

Enigma has always been plagued with various hardware problems, even over
several generations of new hardware.  We attribute this to a combination of
our heavy reliance on commodity desktop system parts and just plain bad
luck.  Since we don't have the money for "real" server hardware, this is
what we have to live with.

During the last outage, our hands were tied because we could not physically
access the site to service enigma, nor get a response from anyone at the
site the whole twenty days it was down.  This was far too long to be without
the box.  I understand we rely on the charity of the coloc to continue to
take advantage of their free hosting of our server, but in turn, we rely on
the patience of the users, particularly of the nslug and xpilot-hacks
mailing lists, while we wait for the box to be serviced whenever it goes

Thus, we have decided we will be moving the box to a new site where one of
our admins works.  From there, we will be able to prevent such extended
outages in future (unless the box actually catches flames ;)  At this time,
the date of that move is not yet known.  We'll keep you posted.

Ben for admin at nslug.ns.ca
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