[nSLUG] Gateway

Lewis House lewis.house at ns.sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 28 22:18:08 AST 2003

Hey all,
Ok i got an old server from ebay a Compaq proliant 805r, 2 - PPro 200,
256megs ram, 2 - 4.3gig scsi hot swap hd's, 2 nics. What i want to do is
make it a gateway or router i guess. Slackware 9.0 is freshly installed on
it now and it detects both nics. This is my setup i have.

Windows Comp ( WinXP pro)  ---> Compaq Server (Slack 9.0) ------> p75 laptop
(debian 2.1)

The windows box is the connection to the internet and is sharing with ics. i
do this because of living in the woods i have dialup and have a crappy
winmodem. The server has no problem using the internet through the windows
box, what i want to do is be able to connect to the internet through the
laptop.  its probably an unorthodox setup but thats the way its setup.

Windows  Comp
Compaq Server and

I have read some stuff about multihomed boxes but cant make heads or tails
of it. i can ping between both windows comp and compaq server, but the
second nic in the box and the laptop dont wanna seem to connect.

Much appreciated


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