[nSLUG] Snort doesn't on debian sparc

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Thu Mar 27 12:37:01 AST 2003

I've tried everything, up to building my own 2.0 rc1 snort
on the sparc platform.  No way around getting a bus error
when running a basic 'snort -dvi eth0' test.
It does report about 4 lines before bombing, which
is a little better than with the snort 1.8 I found in the
debian packages, but still no go.  Googling on the error located
references to GCC problems in the snort mailing list
archives, and I tried CC - no difference.

Looks like I'll need to try something else.  Is there
anything like snort and acidlab that has come along recently?

--Donald Teed

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