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Peter Cordes peter at llama.nslug.ns.ca
Thu Mar 27 06:13:09 AST 2003

On Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 04:38:28AM -0500, bulia byak wrote:
> >  Could you mention some of the good audio/music software you found?  At
> > CKDU (community radio station), we want to set up an audio workstation
> > running GNU/Linux, but I'm no expert on what's available.  We've played with
> > audacity some, but it's not wonderful.
> I'm not sure what are the requirements of a radio station 

 We're going to have a computer people can use to put together audio that
they can upload to a machine that can play it on air.  It's going to have a
CD burner so people can take stuff home, and a network connection so people
can transfer data that way.  Some people will use it to create music, I
guess, and we want to have a bunch of stuff for people to use.  However, we
do need to find a solid audio editor that we can teach people how to use,
since training takes a lot of time and we want to get people started on
something good right away.  (i.e. since we're going to spend time training
people anyway, teach them emacs instead of pico.)  I'm personally not much
of a musician or audio person, which is why I asked.

> - I'm mostly playing with MIDI, and Rosegarden is a really nice piece of software. I also like to experiment with Scala (non-traditional musical scales) and with software synths such as amSynth. There's an audio distribution which, presumably, has most of what is worth exploring in linux audio:
> http://lulu.esm.rochester.edu/kevine/turnkey/home.html
> I haven't yet tried it, although I've played with some of the tools in that distribution. 

 Thanks for the tips, I'll check that stuff out.

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