[nSLUG] Re: Re: General Linux Question

bulia byak bulia at dr.com
Thu Mar 27 05:38:28 AST 2003

>  Could you mention some of the good audio/music software you found?  At
> CKDU (community radio station), we want to set up an audio workstation
> running GNU/Linux, but I'm no expert on what's available.  We've played with
> audacity some, but it's not wonderful.

I'm not sure what are the requirements of a radio station - I'm mostly playing with MIDI, and Rosegarden is a really nice piece of software. I also like to experiment with Scala (non-traditional musical scales) and with software synths such as amSynth. There's an audio distribution which, presumably, has most of what is worth exploring in linux audio:


I haven't yet tried it, although I've played with some of the tools in that distribution. 

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