[nSLUG] General Linux Question

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sun Mar 23 16:15:18 AST 2003

> So, I have another question for you all. How were your first
> experiences with Linux?

(This is more anecdotal than useful advice, since Caldera is no longer
in the lists.)

As a Unix user for 10 years but with no admin experience, I was in a
hurry to get Linux up on my sparkly new (actually, 2nd hand, old)
P133.  I bought a Great Fat Book with the Caldera (2.2 kernel) distro
CD -- no source -- for C$25.

It installed without flaw on the 2nd try.  (On the first try, I selected
the wrong monitor specs and the display vanished.)

Only subsequent problems were:

   A few non-lethal typos in system sh scripts: eventually found and fixed.

   XEmacs intstead of Gnu EMacs: replaced.

   Configured to boot into X & KDE: changed to boot into console and
   manual startx to twm.

Sendmail, Apache, ftpd, X, dialup PPP, fetchmail, Netscape etc. all
worked fine.  The first real problem arose when I moved the HD to a
PII.  Had a real hassle finding out that the canonical release of X
didn't support the i810 chipset and finding the special X server that
did.  The happy comments you're now reading would have been nasty and
bitter if I had hit the i810 problem on first install.

Gnu Emacs, some upgrades and added tarballs have compiled and run with
only occasional episodes of beat-head-on-wall, e.g. a bug in the ALSA
sound package that is only active if you compile with one of the debug
options.  :-)

I'm going to have a run at Slackware RSN.  8.0 is installed on the
spare machine, awaiting time to mess with it.  I hated not having the
source on hand, my only real complaint about Caldera.

- Mike

Michael Spencer                  Nova Scotia, Canada 
mspencer at tallships.ca            

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