[nSLUG] General Linux Question

Rory Bray rory at vudu.nb.ca
Sun Mar 23 11:21:51 AST 2003

If you're concerned about standard locations for apps and ease of getting
things to work, you might try Slackware.

I've tried many distros and I always come back to this one.  It tends to
support common standards for file locations and configurations.  The biggest
attraction for me is that it's simple but complete and it awalys works.  I
can't say the same for RedHat or Mandrake, both are high quality distros and
tend to be user friendly but also tend to create strange quirks that send
users off in all directions trying to get everything to work.

I think the reason it works so well (and I'm honestly not trolling for a
flamewar) is that it's the most BSD-like of the Linux distros.


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> Thanks for your suggestions everyone. They were greatly appreciated.
> I have tried both Red Hat and Mandrake, not sure which one I like more out
> of the two though. What I am trying to do is migrate a website off of a
> Windows XP machine running Apache to a Linux-based box. Even though on the
> surface they are both very simple I am still finding it hard to setup
> certain things. For instance, sendmail (even though I know that setting
> up is nasty at best times), I tried getting it to work correctly in Red
> 8 for almost a week with no avail. I also found that the location of many
> files in Red Hat are non-standard, and even the files themselves are quite
> non-standard. SO I tried out Mandrake...
> I had used Mandrake before, but that was on a dual boot machine. I
> Mandrake 9 and came to the realization that my video card drivers were not
> included with its version of XFree86, so I went to the ATI website to get
> the drivers. The drivers I found did not install properly and when I tried
> to find any documentation on the install of the drivers I hit a brick
> So, since my version of XFree86 wasn't up to date anyway, I thought I
> try to install the newest version. Big mistake! Sure, it installed, but
> I got back into KDE the interface was slower than cold molasses going up
> hill in the middle of January...with a windchill of -45 or so.
> So, I have another question for you all. How were your first experiences
> with Linux? Also, is there a good place with documentation that I can go
> for a person like myself? Or maybe even a book or two? I am not a complete
> newbie to the world of computers, but I have been stuck in the Windows
> ever since 3.11, and before that I was a DOS kiddy on a Tandy 1000! HELP!
> Haha.
> Mark
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