[nSLUG] General Linux Question

Mark Stevenson mark.stevenson at ns.sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 23 10:26:12 AST 2003

Thanks for your suggestions everyone. They were greatly appreciated.

I have tried both Red Hat and Mandrake, not sure which one I like more out
of the two though. What I am trying to do is migrate a website off of a
Windows XP machine running Apache to a Linux-based box. Even though on the
surface they are both very simple I am still finding it hard to setup
certain things. For instance, sendmail (even though I know that setting this
up is nasty at best times), I tried getting it to work correctly in Red Hat
8 for almost a week with no avail. I also found that the location of many
files in Red Hat are non-standard, and even the files themselves are quite
non-standard. SO I tried out Mandrake...

I had used Mandrake before, but that was on a dual boot machine. I installed
Mandrake 9 and came to the realization that my video card drivers were not
included with its version of XFree86, so I went to the ATI website to get
the drivers. The drivers I found did not install properly and when I tried
to find any documentation on the install of the drivers I hit a brick wall.
So, since my version of XFree86 wasn't up to date anyway, I thought I would
try to install the newest version. Big mistake! Sure, it installed, but when
I got back into KDE the interface was slower than cold molasses going up
hill in the middle of January...with a windchill of -45 or so.

So, I have another question for you all. How were your first experiences
with Linux? Also, is there a good place with documentation that I can go to
for a person like myself? Or maybe even a book or two? I am not a complete
newbie to the world of computers, but I have been stuck in the Windows world
ever since 3.11, and before that I was a DOS kiddy on a Tandy 1000! HELP!


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