[nSLUG] Time services

M Taylor mctylr at privacy.nb.ca
Wed Mar 19 20:56:55 AST 2003

On Wed, Mar 19, 2003 at 07:18:25PM -0400, Jamie Fifield wrote:
> That's cool to know that eastlink has a time server.  I knew dal had a
> couple, but I think most people should only use the one (timeserver),
> but to each his own.

The way the protocol works you only need one timeserver, and the only
those running a "proper" NTP service for truely time critical 
applications or for a large user base need to consider more than one NTP

I tried to use 1 "close" server, that is very few (1-5) hops away
from my network/LAN/system. I always try to operate my own NTP server for 
my "local" network I am using if one does not already exist, so that 
there is only 1 machine quering external / public hosts. 

I do not see the point, nor encourage those who query several public
NTP statrum 2 servers....

> What other NTP servers are in Nova Scotia and are intended for public
> use?  Nslug is now running one too, just for the hell of it. :)
> (time.nslug.ns.ca is now slowly drifting into alignment)

Check your ISP (try time.* and ntp.* if you are unsure), and their 
upstream providers. These may be "non-public" in that they are not 
considered available for anyone on the Internet to use, but a normally 
freely available to customers.

Cable modem users should try their UBR, or DHCP/bootp server. Eastlink
provides NTP from their UBR and call it a statrum 3 server, which is
very close network-wise and more than accurate enough for home and 
any commercial usage. So did NTL (UK).

mctaylor at ve1mct:~$ ntptrace
ve1mct: stratum 4, offset -0.000193, synch distance 0.13551
gw.av.east: stratum 3, offset 0.004009, synch distance 0.07126
z3.eastlink.ca: stratum 2, offset 0.006579, synch distance 0.06447   *Timeout*

ping gw.av.east
--- gw.av.east ping statistics ---
10 packets transmitted, 10 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 5.6/7.7/10.6 ms

(ve1mct is my cable modem'ed Linux box, and gw.av.east is my default
gateway, as specificed by DHCP).

For MTT/Aliant: time.mtt.net 

mctaylor at ve1mct:~$ ntptrace time.mtt.net
sapphire.mtt.net: stratum 3, offset -0.007075, synch distance 0.08153
WWW.UREGINA.CA: stratum 2, offset 0.009920, synch distance 0.02515
time-nw.nist.gov: stratum 1, offset -0.001575, synch distance 0.00000, refid 'ACTS'

For UNB (and NBtel/NBnet if they don't provide one):

mctaylor at ve1mct:~$ ntptrace ntp.unb.ca
hermes.csd.unb.ca: stratum 2, offset -0.030527, synch distance 0.01552
toc.nrc.ca: stratum 1, offset -0.006165, synch distance 0.00114, refid 'PPS'

Peter explored Dal.

For MtA resident users:
mctaylor at ve1mct:~$ ntptrace mailserv.mta.ca
mailserv.mta.ca: stratum 3, offset -0.026397, synch distance 0.08275
louie.udel.edu: stratum 2, offset -0.018008, synch distance 0.02458
huey.udel.edu: stratum 1, offset -0.020086, synch distance 0.00269, refid 'GPS2'

For UUnet / Worldcom Canada customers:

mctaylor at ve1mct:~$ ntptrace ntp.wcom.ca
munin.uunet.ca: stratum 2, offset 0.000119, synch distance 0.06316
ntp1.usno.navy.mil: stratum 1, offset 0.005719, synch distance 0.00040, refid 'PSC'

AT&T Canada customers:

mctaylor at ve1mct:~$ ntptrace ntp.attcanada.ca
stats2.noc.attcanada.ca: stratum 2, offset -0.004893, synch distance 0.04443
ntp1.conectiv.com: stratum 1, offset 0.006696, synch distance 0.00142, refid 'IRIG'

Sprint Canada customers:

mctaylor at ve1mct:~$ ntptrace ops.sprint-canada.net
pp1.sprint-canada.net: stratum 3, offset 0.003031, synch distance 0.09433
dense.utcc.utoronto.ca: stratum 2, offset -0.003503, synch distance 0.04048
tyme.gw.utoronto.ca:   *Timeout*

If there anyone else? Is there anyone else who is getting their network
access not from somebody specified above?

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