[nSLUG] Time services

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Wed Mar 19 15:16:54 AST 2003

On 19 Mar 2003, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> Assuming "closer is better" and most people on this list are closer
> networkwise to Dal than any of these sites, use timeserver.dal.ca as
> your "preferred" ntp server.

I went by the list I found here:


for secondary (stratum 2) time servers.  This was
linked on the ntp.org site.

Perhaps Dal should be added to that list if it is a genuine
stratum 2 site.  On the scale of things Ottawa and Toronto
are not that far away on the internet.  I'm not saying
don't use timeserver.dal.ca, I'm just saying that my logic was
to work with a documented stratum 2 site in eastern Canada
or perhaps eastern U.S.  However, given the delays crossing
the border while the U.S. is at level orange, I am sticking
with a site in Canada whenever possible.  :-)

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