[nSLUG] xine UI installation problem

peter.bittner at gmx.net peter.bittner at gmx.net
Tue Mar 18 16:46:01 AST 2003

I am trying to install xine on my SuSE 8.0 system. I have already   
installed xine-lib (xine-lib-0.9.13) using the commands ./configure; make;  
make install.  
Now when I try to install xine-ui (xine-ui-0.9.19) the following error  
occurs when I execute ./configure:  
checking for xine-config... no    
checking for XINE-LIB version >= 1.0.0... no    
*** The xine-config script installed by XINE could not be found    
*** If XINE was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in    
*** your path, or set the XINE_CONFIG environment variable to the    
*** full path to xine-config.    
configure: error: *** You should install xine-lib first ***    
What is wrong here? (I do have installed xine-lib successfully already! -  
The files are all in /usr/local/lib/xine/plugins. There is no /bin 
directory there however, and neither there is one in 
Can anyone help? 
Cheers, Peter 

"Free software is like free speech, not free beer" (Richard Stallman)  

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