[nSLUG] Getting somewhere

Réjean Chamberland laudire2you at gosympatico.ca
Sat Mar 15 00:46:48 AST 2003

Hi everyone!
I couldn't figure X using XFree86 -configure but using xf86 config I am getting somewhere. I can configure the mouse, the keyboard, the memory size of my video card and the vertical and horizontal frequency.
However, when I receive this message: 

" I am going to write the XF86Config file now. Make sure you don't accidently overwrite a previously configured one.
Do you want it written to the current directory as 'XF86Config'? " and I press ENTER I get:

" Please give a filename to write to: "

What should I do? Because if I type, for example, XF86video I get the following message:

" Failed to open filename for writing.
Maybe you need to be root to write to the specified directory?
[rejean at localhost/]$

Any help would be associated! Thanks in advance!

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