[nSLUG] monitor question

Réjean Chamberland laudire2you at gosympatico.ca
Fri Mar 14 20:28:53 AST 2003

> From: Vikram <vikram at popgen.org>
> Date: 14 Mar 2003 19:37:16 -0400
> To: nslug at nslug.ns.ca
> Subject: Re: [nSLUG] monitor question
> It should have no problems under any linux distributions.  If you cannot
> find the exact model listed in the installation menu, then choose
> "custom type" and manually specify the vertical and horizontal frequency
> values.  You would find this information in the documentation that came
> with the monitor and also on the back of monitor.  Thats it.  
> Hope that helps.
> Greetings,
> Vikram

Hi Vikram!
Just tried what you suggested. Same result. I forgot to say that right after I get the following message, the installation crashes and the only thing I can do is to Reset. The message being:

" /tmp/imm.0: init-module: No such device "

I would be tempted to think there is something wrong with the hard drive but before installing Mandrake I had Adobe Photoshop and other softwares on it working just fine with Windoze 98 SE. Any other suggestion? Maybe I should try installing Red Hat 6.2 or Caldera Open Linux 2.4. 

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