[nSLUG] Re: still installing Mandrake

Steve Muise muisesg at muise.homeip.net
Fri Mar 14 07:51:14 AST 2003

>Dop suggested something about entering: =93 startx > startx.out =93 to br=
>ing the graphical window up but when I do so, whatever the new install , =
>I get a =93 execue failed for etc/X11/X (errno2)   giving up.
>xinit: No such file or directory (errno2): unable to connect to X servor =
>Then it says;
>=93 xninit: No such process (errno3): Server error. =93
>And then it goes back to my local host entry:
Your Reader must have shown his question marks as =93.  any way if you 
just type startx, the same info should appear in


you may get more info by typing this

startx > ~/Xlog 2>&1

This should put standard out and errors in your home directory in the 
file Xlog look in the file for anything that starts with (EE).
Something you could try also is run XFdrake as root, set up your monitor 
as generic 640x480 60hz and choose a 640x480 screen res. It is likely 
the loading of the videocard modules that is causing this. Doing lspci 
and look for the line for your vga card and send it in your next post. 
Also the ouput from /sbin/lsmod may help.

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