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bill traynor btraynor at linux.ca
Wed Mar 12 10:18:47 AST 2003

I was asked to forward this call for participation onto all Canadian
LUGs.  I apologize to the French lists for the lack of translation:

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> From: Randal Leavitt <randal.leavitt at rogers.com>
> To: bill traynor <btraynor at linux.ca>
> Subject: Study Group for Linux Standardization
> Date: 11 Mar 2003 23:08:14 -0500
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> Study Group for Linux Standardization
> The chairman of the international subcommittee on programming languages and
> their environments, ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC22, has just announced the creation of a
> study group to consider the standardization of Linux in ISO/IEC/JTC1 . The
> initial meeting to see what interest is there and determine how to proceed will
> be at British Standards Institute in London, UK May 28-30.
> Obviously Canada is very interested in this effort. At our March meeting,
> CAC-JTC1-SC22 decided to support the activity and send a delegation. As chair of
> this  Canadian SC22 mirror group, I am looking for people to participate in this
> activity, including technical experts with a good technical knowledge of Linux,
> and people with an interest in standardization of operating systems.
> I have selected Randal Leavitt to act as our chair for this Canadian mirror
> group of the Linux Study Group.
> If you are interested in participating or know of someone who is interested in
> the standardization of Linux, please contact Randal at
> randal.leavitt at rogers.com.
> Please feel free to distribute this note to other Canadians whom you feel may be
> interested in the standardization of Linux.
> Stephen Michell
> Chair
> stephen.michell at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
> tel: 902 564 2951
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> Randal Leavitt
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