[nSLUG] In Need of RH8 CDs

Cam MacLeod cam_macleod at canada.com
Wed Mar 12 08:58:55 AST 2003

Hi everyone

Problem was solved, thanks in advance for any potential offers.


On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, Cameron MacLeod wrote:

> Hello
> I'm in a bit of a pickle, and I was hoping someone might be able to help
> me out.  I teach (various things and) Linux/UNIX at a local training
> company, and I'm teaching a Linux course out of town tomorrow.  Sadly,
> my normal method of prep (download some ISOs, burn 'em) is failing me
> today (hardware failure, specifically), and I need to find a set of
> install CDs to borrow.  Red Hat 8 ideally, but really I'll accept
> anything at this point, time is just too short.
> If anyone lives in Metro and has CDs they could lend for a couple hours
> / donate, that would be much appreciated.  You can just email me here,
> I'll be doing other things to prepare in the meantime...
> Thanks in advance
> Cam
> Cameron MacLeod
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> Polar Bear Corporate Education Solutions
> Halifax
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Cam MacLeod
cam_macleod at canada.com

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