[nSLUG] nvram on Sun - replacement - all went well

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Fri Mar 7 15:57:54 AST 2003

There was someone on this list who wanted to know what
my experience was with the nvram replacement on the
Sun.  (This is equivalent to replacing your CMOS
battery on i386 as well as the CMOS itself (or something
close to that - the architecture is a little different).)

I was able to get the replacement part from Mouser.com
and I've installed it, programmed the hostid/MAC and it
works.  Mouser.com allows shipment by US Postal mail and
this will avoid paying the brokerage charges you'd
typically run into with a courier.  The part was US $20
and about $5 to ship.

--Donald Teed

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