[nSLUG] Live Disk & a Mac to go

David L. Potter dlpotter at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Mar 6 12:19:16 AST 2003

At the last meeting of the Halifax Area Personal Computer Club we had a 
demonstration of a Linux learning tool in the form of a 'Live Disk'.

The first thing that popped into my little mind was using a live disk to 
allow me to do remote system admin from those Windows boxes that are 
always under foot.

The disk demo-ed did not have a ssh client although it did have a 
XWindows client.

I know that I can mount an iso image but I'm assuming that I couldn't 
manipulate it - i.e. add a ssh client.

So, am I correct in thinking that I've got to build a disk (HD) with the 
features I want (ssh, dialup ?) and then take an image of it and burn 
the image to a CD.

The live disk is an attractive starting point because it is already set 
up to be quite tolerant of hardware.


The next stage Version 1.1 ... ;-) would be a Mac equivalent or would 
that be Ver 4.0 ... assuming it's possible at all ...;-)

david potter

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