[nSLUG] Jigdo File

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Wed Mar 5 22:41:56 AST 2003

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> Have you *read* the social contract?  I'll include the URL here in case you 
> haven't:
> http://www.debian.org/social_contract
> I encourage you to read the whole thing.
> Your emphasis in this note implies that our social contract is in opposition
> to producing good, solid server software, instead of upholding the user's
> need to have these things.  I don't see where you're reading that.

No I didn't read it.  I also have not read the license details for
most of the commercial and free software I've personally installed.
I have not read the GNU license, nor the Artistic License, nor many other
open/free agreements which are more or less equivalent as far as
I'm concerned (I don't distribute any of them).

I was reading your paragraph that began "You don't get it do you"
which talked about being a Debian user and then talked about
the social contract and implied that I would be a better
software citizen if I could have the time to contribute bug reports - 
getting involved with part of the QA processes in a way.  I took that
to mean the social contract was something that applied to the user since
you have mentioned repeatedly that I should have done something more
than say to myself "this is busted".

I have contributed to many bug reports in the past.  I just don't have
the opportunity to do so in the heat of battle to get something up
and running.

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