[nSLUG] Pine and Debian

Jamie Fifield jamie at fifield.ca
Wed Mar 5 16:39:34 AST 2003

Maybe you should take this as a sign that Pine sucks quite a bit. :) 
Try mutt.  All the cool kids use it, come on, try it.

It's worth the initial learning curve.

On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 09:44:27AM -0400, Donald Teed wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Peter Cordes wrote:
> >  It is illegal to distribute "modified binaries" (i.e. ones which keep
> > things in the Right Place, according to Debian), so pine is distributed
> > as a source package only.  Do:
> > cd /usr/local/src # or /usr/src, or wherever
> > apt-get build-deps pine
> > apt-get source --build pine
> > dpkg -i pine_4.44-7_i386.deb pine-tracker_4.44-7_i386.deb [... and
> > whatever else you want]
> This might work for most cases but it fails to find source for my sparc debian
> The apt-get web site mentioned by Dop Ganger is neat, but no
> sparc packages, so it is off to the source for me.  Oh well, I'll use
> the opportunity to compile in ldap support for when that is required.
> Strange that Redhat has no trouble distributing pine.  I suppose Debian has
> also dropped support for MP3 format.
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