[nSLUG] Pine and Debian

Peter Cordes peter at llama.nslug.ns.ca
Wed Mar 5 16:33:02 AST 2003

On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 09:44:27AM -0400, Donald Teed wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Peter Cordes wrote:
> >  It is illegal to distribute "modified binaries" (i.e. ones which keep
> > things in the Right Place, according to Debian), so pine is distributed
> > as a source package only.  Do:
> > cd /usr/local/src # or /usr/src, or wherever
> > apt-get build-deps pine
> > apt-get source --build pine
> > dpkg -i pine_4.44-7_i386.deb pine-tracker_4.44-7_i386.deb [... and
> > whatever else you want]
> This might work for most cases but it fails to find source for my sparc debian

 Sorry, I forgot to mention that you need a source source in your
sources.list.  (got that? :)  e.g.
deb-src http://mirror.direct.ca/pub/linux/debian unstable main contrib non-free

 Using an unstable source repository is usually what you want for
downloading a package and fixing bugs, but if you just want to build stable
pkgs from source, replace "unstable" with "stable" or "woody".

 Debian is pretty good about supporting non-x86 arches.  The only real
problem is that some pkgs are broken on non-x86.  (esp. some code (e.g.
ngrep) that does unaligned access, which works on x86 but bus-errors on
SPARC and others).  Anyway, the infrastructure is arch-neutral, but x86 has
fewer problems with specific stuff.  Even security updates wait until they
are ready for all arches stable is released on before announcing.  (This has
disadvantages, esp. when it takes a long time to get something built on
m68k, for example, so this clearly shows that Debian is dedicated to
supporting all its platforms.)

> The apt-get web site mentioned by Dop Ganger is neat, but no
> sparc packages, so it is off to the source for me.  Oh well, I'll use
> the opportunity to compile in ldap support for when that is required.

 I think the debian pine pkg already does that.  Otherwise, you can apt-get
source the source .deb, and tweak it, and then use dpkg-buildpackage to
build it.  (It has sometimes seemed like more trouble than it's worth
figuring out dpkg-buildpackage, because I hardly ever use it and I never
remember what to do.)

 Of course, you've probably already got pine installed from source yourself,
so no need to mess with it until next time you need to update.

> Strange that Redhat has no trouble distributing pine.

 Maybe they have an agreement with U Washington, or maybe they don't need to
modify the path settings to make pine work (dist of non-modified binaries is
legal.)  This is speculation, google will probably be able to find the real

> I suppose Debian has
> also dropped support for MP3 format.

 Actually, no.  It's probably come up on debian-legal at l.d.o, but pkgs
haven't been removed (yet!).

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