[nSLUG] KDE with Mozilla/Netscape bug

Tim Goodaire tim at momentumitgroup.com
Tue Mar 4 21:03:39 AST 2003

I've tried Debian and Gentoo, and I'd recommend either of them. It really 
depends on what you want. Gentoo tends to be very "bleeding-edge", so you 
lose some stability. It's source-based, so it's very fast, but it takes a 
while to set up (you compile just about everything).

Debian is very stable, and has been around much longer. It also allows you to 
choose packages depending on their license, which is great if that matters to 

Both of them are quick with security updates, and they're dead-easy to update. 

Take a look at both of them and decide for yourself. I went through the same 
thing. Started with Mandrake for a year or so, then started looking around 
for something less bloated, with better control of what was installed.

I'm happily running Gentoo right now, but Debian is a very close second 


On March 4, 2003 07:51 pm, Dean Mitchell wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 17:11, jesse wrote:
> > I'm thinking it might be time to try a different distro.  Mandrake is
> > nice if you're just getting into Linux, but at this point I'd like a
> > little more control over just what's included in my system.  I'm thinking
> > either Debian or Gentoo.  Any thoughts?
> Let the distro wars begin...
> DEBIAN all the way!
> Caution, Debian does not hold your hand like Mandrake or Red Hat so be
> prepaired to RTFM, visit www.debian.org, search Google, or ask here. The
> install is really not that difficult but just getting used to the
> "Debian way" takes some time and patience.
> About the window manager thing, I find KDE a little too resource
> intensive so I prefer xfce or WindowMaker for the desktop.(you can still
> run most KDE apps on these desktops).
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