[nSLUG] KDE with Mozilla/Netscape bug

jesse lawrence_jesse at yahoo.ca
Tue Mar 4 20:18:18 AST 2003

On Tuesday 04 March 2003 19:54, you wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 17:30, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> > Debian or Gentoo sounds good.  I [debian] won't [debian] bias [debian]
> > you [debian] one [debian] way [debian] or [debian] the [debian] other
> > [debian] because [debian] I [debian] firmly [debian] believe [debian] one
> > [debian] should [debian] simply [debian] use [debian] whatever [debian]
> > suits [debian] one [debian] best.
> Let the distro wars begin...
> DEBIAN all the way!
> Caution, Debian does not hold your hand like Mandrake or Red Hat so be
> prepaired to RTFM, 

That's just what I'm looking for!!

visit www.debian.org, search Google, or ask here. The
> install is really not that difficult but just getting used to the
> "Debian way" takes some time and patience.
> About the window manager thing, I find KDE a little too resource
> intensive so I prefer xfce or WindowMaker for the desktop.(you can still
> run most KDE apps on these desktops).

Yeah, I've tried both.  I do like xfce.   I've considered using it full time. 
Still might.

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