[nSLUG] KDE with Mozilla/Netscape bug

Dean Mitchell deanmitchell at accesswave.ca
Tue Mar 4 19:54:00 AST 2003

On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 17:30, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> Debian or Gentoo sounds good.  I [debian] won't [debian] bias [debian] you
> [debian] one [debian] way [debian] or [debian] the [debian] other [debian] 
> because [debian] I [debian] firmly [debian] believe [debian] one [debian] 
> should [debian] simply [debian] use [debian] whatever [debian] suits 
> [debian] one [debian] best.

Let the distro wars begin...

DEBIAN all the way!

Caution, Debian does not hold your hand like Mandrake or Red Hat so be
prepaired to RTFM, visit www.debian.org, search Google, or ask here. The
install is really not that difficult but just getting used to the
"Debian way" takes some time and patience.

About the window manager thing, I find KDE a little too resource
intensive so I prefer xfce or WindowMaker for the desktop.(you can still
run most KDE apps on these desktops).

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