[nSLUG] KDE with Mozilla/Netscape bug

Vikram vikram at popgen.org
Wed Mar 5 04:21:43 AST 2003

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Subject: [nSLUG] KDE with Mozilla/Netscape bug

> I've got this annoying little problem, which started happening about a
> ago.  I'm currently using KDE for my desktop, and my browser of choice is
> Mozilla.  Whenever I double click in the address bar of Mozilla to enter a
> url or highlight any text on a webpage, and whenever I hit a link that
> up in a new window, one of the KDE menus pops up and of course takes the
> focus.  I then go to close the menu (it has a cancel selection), at which
> point it trys to run Konqueror.  Talk about slowing productivity.

I have had exact same problem.  In my case, it used to run "kmail compose"
window though.  Havent found a solution yet.


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