[nSLUG] KDE with Mozilla/Netscape bug

jesse lawrence_jesse at yahoo.ca
Tue Mar 4 15:05:24 AST 2003

I've got this annoying little problem, which started happening about a month 
ago.  I'm currently using KDE for my desktop, and my browser of choice is 
Mozilla.  Whenever I double click in the address bar of Mozilla to enter a 
url or highlight any text on a webpage, and whenever I hit a link that opens 
up in a new window, one of the KDE menus pops up and of course takes the 
focus.  I then go to close the menu (it has a cancel selection), at which 
point it trys to run Konqueror.  Talk about slowing productivity.

I was running regular old Netscape before this, and the same thing started 
happening, forcing me to give up on Netscape.  I had previously tried Mozilla 
0.91, and 1.0, but it was like surfing the web with cold molasses, so I 
grabbed Netscape.

When I tried the new Mozilla, I found that it was quite speedy, so I 
rejoiced.  Unfortunately, this annoying problem started happening with it too 
(after using it for 2 weeks, problem free).

I've determined that the problem is with KDE, because it doesn't happen in 
any other window manager.  I rather like KDE, and would prefer to keep using 
it, but this popup menu thing is driving me nuts.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?  Any suggestions?  I know it's 
not really something that one would know about unless it happened to them.  
Thanks for any help.
Jesse Lawrence                                         
Programmer, Audio Engineer, Web Developer and Musician 
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