[nSLUG] Eastlink & Aliant Connections on One Machine

Vikram vikram at popgen.org
Sat Mar 1 07:40:06 AST 2003

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Subject: [nSLUG] Eastlink & Aliant Connections on One Machine

> I have both internet from Eastlink and Aliant. On Eastlink I have static
> real IP address's and on Aliant I have a static 10.... address. I've
> hooked both connection into my linux machine but I don't really know what
> configuration is needed. I have them both connected now but I can't seem
> to be able to use the Aliant connection. Has anyone done this and might
> know how I need to setup iptables in order for this to work? or is there
> some other way this needs to be done?

Why do you need two connections for the same box in the first place?

Are you saying that you have two network cards and you're using one each for
Aliant and Eastlink?  But why would you want to do that?

Or may be I am not getting something here.


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