[nSLUG] monitor question

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Mon Mar 17 12:12:03 AST 2003

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003, [ISO8859_1] Réjean Chamberland wrote:

> Hi!  Thanks for the suggestions! Someone from BC offered to burn the 3 CDs that come with Mandrake 9.0 and send them to me for the price of shipping. Considering my actual problem it will probably not work on my old machine (Penthium II, 500Mhz) but I should be able to move the hard drive into my newer machine (Penthium III, I.0 Ghz with a 40 Gb primary hard drive. 

What matters to X is not the generation of machine but the
video card.  If you know the video card brand or perhaps
only the chipset it is based on, you can check to see if
it is supported in XFree86 by visiting the www.xfree86.org
website and checking their documentation.

I have a couple of Pentium IIs running Xfree86 that are probably
older than your system, but they have video cards that are
still supported.

If mandrake is this much of a pain to get going, perhaps
it would make sense to check out something like Redhat
or Debian.  Debian might be OK for you if you are willing
to work with lots of text based menu selections and
building your own binaries as required (not hard once you've
learned the magic incantations, but still takes time to
learn them).  Redhat should be straightforward to install
and configure.  I set Redhat 8.0 up in about 30 minutes on
a notebook machine before.  I forget what video card
you say you had, but you can look it up on the Redhat
hardware compatibility page on their web site and see
if a particular version of Redhat is a good match.  Should
be no pain to get going if they list it.

> One last question if I may? I cannot remember how to restore the MBR on the old machine. I know it's quite simple but right now if I uninstall Linux or move the 2nd hard drive I am unable to boot into Windoze. Could you refresh my memory? Thanks a google to you and everyone else who have helped me lately.

I think you're looking for this:

1. boot a DOS diskette containing fdisk.exe
2. c:
3. a:\disk /mbr

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