[nSLUG] Live Disk & a Mac to go

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Thu Mar 6 12:58:43 AST 2003

I'm not sure whether this would fit your needs, but there
are SSH clients available for Windows.  I'm using PuTTY
for this and it works well for me.


The applications should fit on a floppy disk.

--Donald Teed

On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, David L. Potter wrote:

> At the last meeting of the Halifax Area Personal Computer Club we had a 
> demonstration of a Linux learning tool in the form of a 'Live Disk'.
> The first thing that popped into my little mind was using a live disk to 
> allow me to do remote system admin from those Windows boxes that are 
> always under foot.
> The disk demo-ed did not have a ssh client although it did have a 
> XWindows client.
> I know that I can mount an iso image but I'm assuming that I couldn't 
> manipulate it - i.e. add a ssh client.
> So, am I correct in thinking that I've got to build a disk (HD) with the 
> features I want (ssh, dialup ?) and then take an image of it and burn 
> the image to a CD.
> The live disk is an attractive starting point because it is already set 
> up to be quite tolerant of hardware.
> ---
> The next stage Version 1.1 ... ;-) would be a Mac equivalent or would 
> that be Ver 4.0 ... assuming it's possible at all ...;-)
> david potter
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