[nSLUG] Jigdo File

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Wed Mar 5 20:42:46 AST 2003

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> Huh?  What is "useful but not dependable"?  If it's not dependable, it's not
> useful.  I believe what Ryan said is "software can still be useful if it has
> bugs".  "Has bugs" is not equivalent to "is not dependable".  You learn
> where the software has limitations, and work within the constraints of those
> limitations.  If you cannot do that (and cannot fix the bugs yourself) then
> yes, you do move on to something else.  I have often found that a piece of 
> free software I expected would do something for me couldn't do what I 
> wanted, and had to choose something else.  I expect this is true of 
> commercial software as well, for those who use it.

Just gonna clarify this one thing.

Useful software is a build that is not complete in features,
has bugs, but you can learn to live with the limitations because
you are the user.  No problem.  I've done work with beta software
that has served me well like this.  

The problem is when you are talking about server software.  It can
be useful, but now it also has to be dependable or it just doesn't
stay up under the deluge of user activity, hackers, poorly formed
message headers from weird client software, etc.  The software
has to serve thousands of users.  They have a contract too, and
that is the one I pursue before the "social contract".  If it was
the other way around, I think my co-workers would wonder what the
heck I spend my day doing.

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