[nSLUG] virus scanner?

M Taylor mctylr at privacy.nb.ca
Fri Aug 16 21:49:50 ADT 2002

On Tue, Aug 13, 2002 at 11:59:04PM -0300, Rob Smith wrote:
> Hey all,
> Just wondering... do I need to use a virus scanner in linux?  If so, what would you recommend?
> One other question.. I do a little web page design and I noticed that my 
pages don't appear exactly as they should in linux... sometimes in mac also 
the fonts and tables are off a bit.  Is there an html editor that will allow 
me to make pages that look the same under all systems?  

Sigh. I thought people knew. HTML stands for hypertext MARKUP language. It
is not a page description language. <Deep breath, relax...>

The web designer/server/proxy/author cannot control how the page will be used,
let alone how it will appear on the unspecified "browser" which could be
IE, AOL, Mozilla, Netscape, lynx, Opera, a WAP gateway, a PDA browser,
a speech to text converter, or a search engine spider.

Some advice: Do use valid HTML (4.01 or XHTML 1.0), use CSS, and relax. :)
Bad HTML will increase your chances drasticlly of sucking on different
browsers. Don't trust automated software (word processors and tools like
frontpage have sucked pretty hard in the past).

Trust your users. Some users get headaches when reading text on white
web pages, some need larger fonts and high colour contrast (blue on
blue is too common), colour blindness is very common in white males,
and I hate to explain to some friends who have visual problems that they
can't "consume" web sites because the designer didn't follow good design.


BTW, Slashdot (with 'lite' mode) works well enough on a PDA to be 
interesting, and WAP gateways do nasty things to any site that cannot
be read with lynx.

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