[nSLUG] Aliant High Speed Internet

M Taylor mctylr at privacy.nb.ca
Fri Aug 16 21:35:08 ADT 2002

On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 09:20:27AM -0400, Jesse Lawrence wrote:
> Hello all, I'm trying to configure a Mandrake Linux
> box to access Aliant high speed internet, and I'm
> having some difficulty.  This is something that I did
> with great ease using m-powered, but they've since
> switched to Aliant.
> Aliant gives you a cd for install on windoze and mac,
> which it claims you "need" to hook it up.  It should
> however, be configurable on a Linux box.  I believe
> that Aliant uses PPPoE (not certain), but I'm not sure
> exactly how to set it up.  I've been trying the
> Mandrake Control Center (graphical setup), because I
> don't know how to do this in the command line.  

I'm a bit unclear, did you have MTT m-power installed and
working with your current Mandrake Linux box? You did NOT
receive any new hardware from MTT/Alaint, right?

Or do I have the basics wrong?

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