[nSLUG] pppoe

Matt Yanchyshyn letters at mattgy.net
Thu Aug 15 12:54:41 ADT 2002


I know that last week Peter Cordes was writing about troubles with sprint
and having tcp_ecn turned on.  I'm in Toronto for a month and have had
troubles with Sympatico pppoe, so I checked out ECN and it's turned off.

Seems like so far the only difficulty is sending mail.  Mail sent via my
domain's SMTP server or sympatico's own fails.  The connection works
alright aside from that, so what is wrong/what am I missing? I'm not
running any screwy firewall setups.. so I'm assuming it's the way I have
pppoe setup. I tried messing with the MTU a bit, but I don't think that
made much of a difference (aside from noticeable speed ups and downs).

Any help/tips would be appreciated.


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