[nSLUG] Aliant High Speed Internet

Jesse Lawrence lawrence_jesse at yahoo.ca
Fri Aug 16 10:38:27 ADT 2002

Hello all, I'm trying to configure a Mandrake Linux
box to access Aliant High Speed Internet, and I'm
having some difficulty.  This is something that I was
able to do with great ease on an m-powered connection,
but MTT switched to Aliant.

It comes with a cd for windoze and mac, which Aliant
claims you "need" to get online, but I'm quite sure it
must be configurable with Linux.  I believe that
Aliant uses PPPoE, but I'm not certain.  I've tried to
configure it in the Mandrake Control Center
(grapical), but with no luck.  I'm not really sure how
to do this in the command line.

The big problem is that I'll be moving my web server,
which now resides on a regular m-powered connection (I
use a dynamic DNS service), to this new Aliant
connection.  I'm worried that I won't be able to use
my server...

So, has anybody got any idea how to connect Linux to
Aliant high-speed internet (in the command line or
graphically), and if so, will it support a server?

Any help will be greatly appreciated,
Thanks very much,
Jesse Lawrence

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