[nSLUG] Shared server qualms

Miles Thompson milesthompson at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Aug 14 14:06:10 ADT 2002

All of my experience with Linux has been on boxes where I've pretty well 
had the only account. I'm now working on a shared system in Edmonton where 
I'm  thinking about locating a client's web site. I have SSH access.

I can move up the directory tree and see all the other users directories, 
the contents thereof, and individual files, such as today.html. Permissions 
are such that I can't edit or copy them. (I checked.)

I can also list the contents of etc/passwd.

Call me naive, but is this normal, or should I bail on this arrangement 
before going any further? It's a BSD system and the provider is NetKnow 
Canada (www.nk.ca).

Regards - Miles Thompson

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