Joey Mitchell Comeau aw096 at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Aug 9 12:09:34 ADT 2002

	Hi Barry, 

	I'm glad you've taken an interest in NSLUG. We here at NSLUG are
quite active, and I'm surprised that your earlier attempts to reach us
have gone unanswered. It's possible that your messages dealt with this
"Open Source" you talk about, which may have confused some of our members.
You see, we here at the Nova Scotia Linux Users Group aren't too fond of
"Open Source". 

	According to Microsoft, "Open Source" is a security risk waiting
to happen. Sun Microsystems also warns against the use or promotion of
Open Source, and we here at NSLUG have been listening. The Nova Scotia
Linux Users Group is therefore perhaps a bit misleading a name for our
organization. We haven't given up the fight, per se. What we do is beat up
linux users. For the greater good, you understand.

	If you'd like to get involved, just let us know. Membership
includes 1,025 free hours of AOL, and you can use your credit card to
download the latest windows and SUN patches right from our website,



	NSLUG ChairGender-unspecific-pronoun.


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